3 Reasons People Cheat on Their Significant Other

3 Reasons People Cheat on Their Significant Other

Sadly, cheating in relationships has almost become sort of a norm. Not that it is expected or appropriate in any way whatsoever, but I find myself less and less shocked when I hear about a couple who split due to one partner being unfaithful.

There are many different ways to cheat, and there are many different types of people who do, but down below are three top reasons people may find themselves cheated, or being cheated on.


Easily the largest reason for cheating, self-gratifiers come in two forms: people in power and miserable over-compensators. Self-gratification refers to “the indulgence or satisfaction of one’s own desires.”

Now, immediately I will tell you that self-gratification does not and should not belong in a loving, working relationship, but, sadly, this is not always the case. Many people initiate a relationship with someone based solely on self-gratification from the get-go. The attention they are receiving makes them feel good about themselves or causes them to view themselves in a light they’ve always wanted.

Sooner or later, though, with self-gratifiers, they will find this gratification from someone new at the bar or out at a concert. Those in power will believe that they can do whatever they want without consequences, but those who are miserable over-compensators will cheat in order to feel better about themselves or possibly even seek revenge on their partner.

The bottom line is, these people are selfish and insecure. They love their partner provides them with is no longer beneficial to them, and they now desire the latest and greatest model that can boost their ego. The lack of real, intimate love with those seeking to merely gratify themselves is alarming and very saddening, so keep your eyes out for those who only act to benefit themselves and never sacrifice anything for your well-being.

Lack of Communication and Boundaries

One of the biggest problems within relationships is a lack of communication that creates a sense of “everything is fine,” especially when it’s not. Many people end up miserable after being cheated on merely because they didn’t, and couldn’t, recognize the very misery in their own relationship.

Whether this is from a lack of intimate conversation, or one partner always going that extra mile and thinking their partner can do no wrong, someone usually ends up shocked and humiliated.

We’ve seen that type of relationship—or have even been part of one—where one partner almost “praises” the other; they take care of them, give them everything they want and sometimes even support them. As generous and as loving as it sounds, this can create a very toxic relationship that almost always leads to someone cheating.

When you look after and take care of someone entirely, it creates a mindset that no matter what, you will be there for them; that no matter what, you will continue to love and support them and they can do no wrong. As soon as a mindset like this sets in, not only do they feel superior but also feel little to no risk of hurting you. This almost always leads to an affair or some form of being unfaithful.

Sexual Needs and Desires are Unfulfilled

Sadly, unfulfilled sexual needs are a very, very common reason for people cheating on their significant other. I personally find this absolutely horrible, because a relationship should never revolve around sex or depend on sexual performance to create a meaningful relationship. I will not disregard sexual compatibility as an important aspect of a relationship because it certainly is, but that is something that can be learned and blossom over time.

Anyways, whether it’s a lack of communication regarding needs and desires in the bedroom or just awful sex that leaves you nothing but naked and regretful, unfulfilled sexual wishes can cause one to seek this fulfillment elsewhere. Luckily, this is the easiest problem to fix—merely watch a few videos online or actually talk with your partner about the problems they’re having. No real and meaningful relationship that could last a lifetime is worth throwing away for one night of sexual gratification.

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