3 Best Social Media Platforms to Slide Into Her DMs for Men

3 Best Social Media Platforms to Slide Into Her DMs for Men

The latest and greatest way this “romantic” generation has created to have carefree and no-strings-attached sex is “sliding into her DMs.” To clarify a bit, DMs refers to direct messages, and sliding into them means cleverly messaging her and hopefully sparking a connection.

No matter the social media platform, this latest tactic has gained mass popularity and is probably responsible for countless new relationships, breaking up relationships, and probably even a few pregnancies. Read on to discover the best three social media sites to slide into her DMs.


Notorious as the original social media platform to “slide into her DMs,” Twitter almost guarantees the highest success rate. Whether she has recently tweeted about her latest relationship troubles or about how lonely she has been, I guarantee there were multiple guys who saw that as an opportunity and slid into her DMs.

The ideal part about using Twitter for your ploy is that the signs calling for action can be everywhere; maybe she has recently “favorited” or “retweeted” something of yours, or she is basically asking for it and “retweeting” sexual or arousing things.

Twitter is more of a younger, far more casual, happy-go-lucky type of site than compared to Facebook. The presence of parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, and even teachers is almost nonexistent, far unlike Facebook—which they rule over. Twitter provides just the right social atmosphere for seductive and provocative comments to be made and is usually highly accepted.


Another social media platform responsible for this modern “sweet-talking” is Instagram. With personal messages recently gaining traction on Instagram, you can assume that men everywhere (and even women I’m sure) have been sliding into other users’ DMs.

There is one major difference between Twitter and Instagram that differentiates the reason for direct messages being sent in the first place, and that is that Instagram is composed entirely of pictures. This can include seductive pictures at the beach, a classy picture from a night out on the town, or a hundred selfies with their cleavage being the main focus of the picture.

As soon as a girl posts a picture like that—and sometimes even the most basic, non-arousing photos—there are multiple guys messaging her and trying to get into her pants. I’ve seen this happen first-hand right after a friend of mine posted a picture; it was very creepy, yet hysterical from our point of view.

That being said, Instagram makes personally messaging a picture very easy…don’t immediately send a picture of your dick. This does not and will not work—I’ve heard girls talk about how creepy and disgusting it is, so don’t do it, trust me.


Facebook immediately carries a more sophisticated, adult-like connotation when mentioned among the other social media platforms, but it still supports direct messages and creates the opportunity for such.

Facebook is great because it gives you a complete view of a person’s life—at least the aspects that they portray online. It offers you tons of photos, their likes and dislikes, mutual friends, and even offers you friends that you may know, but aren’t already friends with online.

You could essentially spend the day checking out numerous people’s profiles before making your decision on who’s DMs to slide into. Hell, you could even slide into all of theirs and see how many bite back. Facebook is great because it gives you a total overview of the person you’re messaging, but I’d keep the crude comments and “compliments” to Twitter.