What’s up guys! My name is Rezz and I am from Pakistan but have been living in the United States for about 10 years. My family are huge business people and everyone knows the States has the best education for business so my parents were looking out for me and had sent me to live with my aunt and uncle out here when I was about 13 so that I can better my English. It was definitely hard leaving your immediate family at such a young age but I was lucky enough to have my aunt and uncle take care of me and make me feel at home and comfortable.

I ended up going to USC to study marketing and now that I am older I am so much more thankful because I now understand where they were coming from and why they did that. When I was younger I felt as if my parents just didn’t want me anymore because you never fully understand when you’re young. I now reside in Boston at a marketing firm and have been living my best life. I see my family about once a year which is hard but they are planning on moving to the states very shortly. I hope you enjoy my website and thank you for getting to know me better!